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Bridgette Calhoun
We merely wanted to express our gratitude once more for Khalid, our lovely kitten. Khalid sat on my lap the entire car ride back from Windsor to Toronto, which was remarkably smooth. He started rushing around and investigating his new house as soon as we got home. He appears to have no fears and is a curious, gregarious person!
Ross Bender

My wife and I were a little apprehensive about purchasing a sphynx online, but as the process moved along, we couldn’t have been happier with the service we got from Headrick Sphynx Cattery. When we received Ocelot, it was clear that they performed an excellent job. We’re glad we decided to collaborate with them to find our family’s newest member.

Wilburn Wang

Headrick Sphynx Cattery has given me two lovely cats. Yoda, my “sweetheart” kitty who is now 15 weeks old, was purchased. Gollum is a wonderful small boy with the sweetest disposition. He always wants to cuddle up with me under the covers. I live in the United States in Augusta (Georgia). There were no issues with the shipping process. I still have the little plush bear that was sent with Yoda in his crate by the Headrick Sphynx Cattery.

Mary Hook
Hi! I wanted to write an email about the male Canadian Sphynx kitten that we purchased last weekend. He went to the vet today and was fine. Mercury is doing fantastic! He is settling in nicely to his new home and surroundings. He is very active and is quickly establishing himself as King, even over our Boxer-Lab mix. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Kitten! Thank you once more for a marvelous Kitten! I will gladly recommend you to anyone!

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